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ScanWatch is most health wearable item

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The world's most protester health wearable

ScanWatch is the first hybrid smartwatch to at all times scan necessary parameters to detect heart health conditions and sustain include overall fitness.

ScanWatch boasts a medical-grade ECG, an oximeter for SpO2 events, and an exceptional battery liveliness of taking place to 30 days.

ScanWatch was developed taking into consideration professionals from world-competently-known institutions.


How to photo album an ECG

To book an ECG, sit and burning, press the digital crown, scroll in the menu to locate the ECG option, press anew, subsequently place your fingers approaching speaking the front electrode for 30 seconds.

Your smartphone can display the flesh and blood signal during the book, and will save all measurements to view and portion at any become earliest.

How it works

ScanWatch is equipped gone three electrodes: two are vis--vis speaking the in the by now occurring of the suit and the added is the metal arena as regards the watchface.

When you place your finger about the sports ground, it closes a loop that allows the watch to con your heart's electrical simulation. This method is called a one-guide electrocardiogram.

An ECG is the best mannerism to detect atrial fibrillation (AFib), a intensely prevalent heart arrhythmia. It is a no investigate immense condition that often goes undiagnosed because it can performance no symptoms and/or not be capacity during doctors visits because the episodes can be intermittent.

24/7 heart scanning.

Invaluable peace of mind.

By proactively scanning your heart, ScanWatch monitors heartbeat and lets you know if an out of the nameless rhythm or rate is detected (tall or low).

A medical-grade oximeter

on the order of your wrist

ScanWatch uses a medical-grade SpO2 sensor featuring exclusive multi-wavelength technology, in view of that you can cassette blood oxygen levels from your wrist in unaided 30 seconds.

Track episodes of animated disturbances during nap

The Respiratory Scan feature monitors oxygen saturation, heart rate, living frequency and doings every one portion of night long. Our exclusive algorithm, developed gone experts, computes the data to doing energetic disturbances, an indicator of sleep apnea.

Track steps

ScanWatch helps you know where you stand bearing in mind mention to your daily step direct at glance following the objection subdial right upon the watch. A 3-axis accelerometer and 10 years of algorithm improvements disclose you to enjoy most accurate results.

Automatic upheaval detection

Take a swim, commute by bike, or go for a runScanWatch will automatically comply to on your whisk and log it in the Health Mate app. Get savings account for every your moves taking into account no button to press.

Connected GPS

Map your session and enjoy set against, height above sea level, and alleyway along with Connected GPS.

Workout Mode

Easily activate workout mode right upon your wrist by choosing from gone more 30 sports. This shows your workout duration, and logs heart rate and doings for all time. Connected GPS can be used

Sleep Cycles

ScanWatch tracks your sleep cycles (fresh and deep), duration of snooze, time to be under and wake happening as dexterously as interruptions, and logs it in the Health Mate app in view of that you can view your trends

Sleep Score

Our exclusive algorithm automatically scores your night based upon sleep cycles, duration, regularity and interruptions.

Smart Wake-taking place

Because ScanWatch knows if you are in a open or deep stage, it can pick the best period to wake you taking place according to your schedule. You handily set a wake-happening become old in the app, and ScanWatch will wake you gone than a buoyant vibration.

Smart notifications

Stay related to what matters: ScanWatch will vibrate and display a preview of your smartphone notifications for any app of your different. You can along with scroll through the notification preview following the digital crown.

Unsurpassed battery energy

Make low battery liven up a situation of the totaling and enjoy pardon from the charger behind in imitation of a hybrid smartwatch that lasts taking place to 30 days along surrounded by charges.


UCSF Hypoxia Research Laboratory

Pulse oximetry measurements from ScanWatch have been evaluated and validated upon a cartoon of hypoxia patients, contiguously the gold ample which lively blood oxygen samples analysis.

Hopital Georges Pompidou

A scrutiny was conducted to validate ScanWatch ECG measurements and AFib detection PPG closely the gold adequate 12 guide ECG admittance and interpreted by cardiologists.

Centre Cardiologique du Nord

A laboratory analysis was conducted to validate ScanWatch ECG measurements and AFib detection PPG contiguously the gold traditional 12 gain ECG trap and interpreted by cardiologists.


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