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FOREO's UFO 2 LED Power Mask.

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 FOREO's UFO 2 LED Power Mask. 

Described as "the well along of your weekly masking ritual", it's expected to supercharge your pampering sessions by offering you a range of treatments in one device to concentrate on your main skin concerns.

Condensing a 20-minute session into 90 seconds, it works in combined bearing in mind the specially invented UFO-activated masks and each treatment incorporates a deliberately selected combination of temperature and pulsation severity for maximum effect and soothing facial smooth. It switches in the company of thermotherapy (hot) to soften the skin to cryotherapy (cool) to lift and obtain. That's the "Power Mask" share.

The light therapy part? The effects of the aforementioned treatments are boosted when a substitute of eight light settings  from antibacterial blue animate to sunburn-soothing ocher LED. Of course, LED point masks are big news right now, thanks to their endowment to shorten breakouts, pigmentation, rosacea symptoms, psoriasis and calculation side-effects of inflammation. If you don't be anxious from the above complaints, LED spacious therapy can handily foster to tote happening the impression of your skin. It's a delightful period to invest.




The 11 best LED position masks for a in flames complexion (gain all you dependence to know roughly at-residence open therapy)

So, how did Luca acquire in bank account to? "It might seem a bit overwhelming, but something in fact impressive is that you can colleague taking place this to your FOREO app, and the app will benefit you through your treatment based about the mask you use subsequent to it," Luca said. "It'll select your LED settings and all new vibes, function all the hard take excitement for you."

"My skin feels thus terrific, and it was actually much more of a relaxing experience than I thought it was going to be. Just because it's such a unexpected treatment, I didn't know what to expect. But things before the cryotherapy just felt insane! So refreshing, in fact professional and the pulsations in fact relaxed my muscles. I adulation that you can just follow along once reference to the app, which is so intuitive."


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