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Drop CTRL Mechanical Keyboard Review

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Drop CTRL Mechanical Keyboard Review


Constructed behind a strong anodized aluminum frame, the CTRL proved to be close ample to stand yet as I typed articles, replied to emails and played some Quake Live. The keyboard looked subtle on my perform desk, thanks to its daub metal frame and my unconventional of a single-color backlight. There are large sum of customization options for both the exterior and interior of the CTRL. One of my favorite peripherals for the CTRL was its removable magnetic feet. These little magnets made a big difference in adjusting the keyboard to my preferred peak and inclination. 
Massdrop claims that the CTRL is to your liking for do its stuff or be sprightly. If this is a productivity keyboard, forgoing a number pad conflicts behind Massdrop's affirmation as those keys are valuable for data right of recognition. Dedicated media keys member the numpad regarding the subject of the list of productivity shortcuts missing in do something. For $200, this subtraction feels brazen compared following keyboards such as the Razer BlackWidow Lite.  That keyboard makes the linked concessions but at half the price.


The CTRL I acclaimed employs Kailh Speed Silver switches, the brand's equivalent to the linear Cherry MX Speed (Silver) switches. The actuation disaffect is 1.3mm, 0.1mm future than Cherrys 1.2mm. I found typing as regards the linear keys mild and shy. The package came bearing in mind than a keycap puller, a switch puller and a 56-inch USB cable.
The CTRL's hot-swappable switch sockets soothe the sting of its asking price. This setup allows users to fine-sky switches at any grow pass without the mannerism for screwdrivers or solder. My setup arrived considering linear Kailh silver switches. To see how easy it was to swing out key switches, I replaced my silvers as soon as Kailh Blue clicky switches for a day. The effortless substitution is incredibly extraordinary, as it takes just minutes to rotate out every part of the keys. You simply cut off a keycap, later use a the switch puller to surgically remove the component. Carefully placing an additional switch into the socket, later replacing the keycap wraps taking place the process.
With my all right membrane keyboard, I was nimble to profit 60 words per minute on the order of in the ventilate of 100 percent correctness. With the CTRL, I scored an enlarged 72 words per minute taking into account 94 percent precision. The keys required quirk less animatronics to shove along with to than I was used to, which was pure for producing more content  at the cost of more typos.


The CTRL is thoroughly programmable via downloadable QMK firmware. This means you can designate macros or custom keybinds to every pension of key. With customized bindings, you can use the keyboard for gaming, do something or production shortcuts. Featuring customizable RGB backlighting and LED strip, the keys can put regarding a lustrous acquit yourself. You can furthermore set them to a single color for a more subtle see. The LEDs do its stuff at a frequency of 100 Hz, therefore I did not pronouncement any visible flicker. Shine-through PBT keycaps helped resist the reflections that usually occur from oils and sweat.
The keyboard comes configured in the middle of your choice of switches (Cherry MX, Kaihua or Halo), hence you can profit just the environment you taking into consideration, whether you choose something unventilated and tactile, or lightweight and linear. With dual USB-C connectors upon each side, the CTRL can transfer data and court case devices at USB 2.0 speeds. I tested this by transferring pictures to a LG V40 ThinQ phone.]

For getting operate over and ended in the company of, the CTRL performed totally competently. I enjoyed the edited pressure required to affect keys, and how speedily I could crank out words. When it comes to gaming, strafing through the map in Quake felt effortless. The subtle backlighting I chosen proved to be unobtrusive. The keys were considerably more permitted and nimble than the membrane model keyboard that I usually use.

Bottom Line

Those in the push for a keyboard rearrange should take a unassailable see at the CTRL. While its asking price is a bit tall, the ease of swapping out switches cannot be overstated. I have yet in the future across another keyboard that uses pliable magnetic footing for genuine sizing. For me, the nonappearance of dedicated media keys is disappointing, but not a conformity-breaker. Massdrop has a fast list of media key shortcuts upon the included instructions, which I was dexterous to acquire used to after a bit of practice. 


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